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Quality product never goes out of fashion

Lorica is replica of quality product. We follow highly effective quality
management system that are compatible with global standards. Quality in terms of Employees and People. Quality in terms of raw material and
products. Quality in terms of Systems, processes and Policies. In short, We have successfully implemented Total Quality management.

Quality Control Procedure

To ensure the quality of final products, inspection is carried out right from the incoming of raw materials to final outgoing products.

(1) Incoming Raw Material Inspection
(2) In process Inspection
(3) Out going Inspection/S.P.C. (Statistical Process Control)

Row Material Test

Final Product Tests

Product quality

Technical specification of our product


Euro Standards
EN-159/IS 13753



Dimension & Surface Quality

1) Dimension+/- 0.5%+/- 0.5%
2) Deviation in Thickness+/- 0.6mm+/- 0.6mm
3) Straightness of sides+/- 0.3%+/- 0.3%
4) Rectangularity+/- 0.5%+/- 0.5%
5) Surface Flatness+/- 0.5%+/- 0.5%
6) Surface QualityMin 95%Min 95%

physical properties

1) Water Absorption>10%14-14%
2) Bending Strength>150 Kg/Cm2200-250 Kg/Cm2
3) Scratch hardness (Mohs) Min 3Min 3
4) Crazing1 cycleNo Crazing at 5 Crycle

chemical properties

1) Staining ResistanceMin Class 2Resistance to all Acids And Alkalies & Household Chemical,except Hydro
2) Household ChemicalMin Class BFloutic Acid

thermalal properties

1) Thermal ShockResistant to 10 Cycleconforms
2) Thermal ExpansionMax-9E-06conforms

Best manufacturing practices

Follow the global standard manufacturing process

Initial step when we purchase
row material

Inward clay powder &
other powder for mixing

Step - 1. Mixing & Grinding

Inward clay powder &
other powder for mixing

Step - 2. Spray Drying

Complete the spray drying &
granomatri test

Step - 3. Storage

Storage in Silos

Step - 4. Pressing

Dry MOR Test & Thickness Test

Step - 5. Drying

Moisture Test & Dry MOR Test

Step - 6. HD Printing

Digital design printing
on wall tiles

Step - 7. Firing

Fired MOR Test, Planetary check,
Water Absorption, Breaking Strength

Step - 8. Polishing & Squaring

Blossiness Test, Size & Edge Test, Surface Smoothness, Dimension Check, Rectangularity

Step - 9. Final product testing

Water absorption, Breaking strength, Linear Thermal, Frost Resisting Properly Scratch hardness (MOH's Scale), Thermal Shock Resistance, Surface Flatness, Resistance to Chemical

Step - 10. Shorting & Batching

Devide matearil in various grade A,B etc..

Packing and dispatch

For export customer our export
faciliation center will contact you once
your order is ready to shipped